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It is a kind of spell, the one that MUN activities create, which captures you and turns your fear to approach an unknown world into a never ending passion. When you are in Model United Nations, you are in. You begin to appease your appetite for this experience attending conference after conference, then you come to a point when this can't be enough and you need to organize your own Model United Nation.

This is the origin of CFMUNESCO.

For more than eight years, the Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono has been sending its students to several conferences worldwide, representing a high number of delegations and gaining lots of results and praises for their preparation and competence. The students of the Convitto have demonstrated a dynamic and pro-active attitude towards these activities, which led some of, them to develop the idea to organise their own Model United Nations Conference. A small group of these students expressed such desire to the headmaster of the school, who immediately decided to support them.

CFMUNESCO is the third Cividale del Friuli Model United Nations UNESCO and allows high school students from the age of 14 to 19 from all over the world to play the role of diplomats, simulating the United Nations’ debates and their universal aim of peace and security.

CFMUNESCO consists in four days of intensive debates, from 3rd to 6th of December 2016, and is hosted by the Convitto Nazionale, where a qualified staff is ready to help the delegates and their advisors.

CFMUNESCO is a simulation of five committees: the Security Council, the Conference of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Commission on the Status of Women, the Environment Commission and finally the UNESCO. The latter is the special committee of our Conference and was chosen in order to emphasize the link between the city of Cividale and the UN body, which classified Cividale del Friuli part of its World Heritage List in June 2011.

All the topics debated during the Conference are under a common denominator, as shown by the main theme of CFMUNESCO: To Protect and Preserve, which is one of the main objectives of the United Nations and, particularly, of the UNESCO.

This Model United Nations, one of the few conferences in Italy, intends to give to all the participants the outstanding opportunity to experience the world of diplomacy and to be part of an international and multicultural setting in one of the most picturesque Italian Cities, internationally recognized for its historical, cultural and artistic relevance. All participants to the Conference will have the opportunity to discover Cividale del Friuli with its unique coalescence of Roman, Lombard and Medieval features.

We are looking forward to your participation, which will make the CFMUNESCO an unforgettable experience for all of us.